Capacity increase

Feb 17, 2021 Lean, OpEx


The Supply Chain & Planing department received information that the most important customer unexpectedly increased (significantly) demand for finished products. Basic analysis showed, that critical processes has limited efficiency, and has been operating at the limit of its capabilities for many months. Due to the complexity of the process, it is not possible to proceed with the investment. Team wondering how to meet customer expectations?

Basic Info

  • High volume, continuous production, 24/7 operating mode
  • Semi-automatic production (critical process from Finish Good final performance)
  • Multi-step process navigated by production crew
  • Initial process throughput 1 unit/ month
  • Anticipated significant demand increase


  • Capacity increase for existing process w/o additional assets, and headcount within limited time
  • Securing on time FG (Finish Good) delivery to the Customer


  • Due to the limited time, type of project, and limited resources, it was decided to use a hybrid approach to the project. Combining the Waterfall, and Lean Six Sigma with Agile.
  • Tightening cooperation between departments and improving the information flow
  • Performing Process Mapping (VSM), Day in Life Observation (DILO), and Line Balancing (Yamazumi)
  • Visual Production Management system implementation
  • Technical process optimization via Fractional Factorial DOE (Design of Experiments)


  • Processes Standardization, i.e. manufacturing, placing and processing orders, and scheduling
  • New process parameters validation
  • A visual production management system implementation
  • Workload optimization, and headcount release
  • Increased process efficiency expected level without capital expenditure

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